Search engine optimisation

If your business website has a high position in Google’s search results for the right keywords you’ll be reaping huge benefits, driving people to your website who are looking for exactly what you do.

It can seem like magic if you don’t know how it works, but rest assured it isn’t magic, and we do know how it works. It’s competitive, long-term and requires patience, but once you’re there, the rewards are so good.

How does search engine optimisation work?

Googling things is now such a huge part of everyone’s life that we’ve even replaced the word “search” for “Google”. We are all “Googlers” and we don’t need to tell you why being on page one of Google is so important. How often do you go to page two?

There is a limited amount of space on page one for each set of results, so it’s very competitive. How it works is very complicated, but over the years we think we’ve become fairly good at explaining it…


Google provides the best answers

Google needs to be really really good at giving the searcher what they want in order to be the search engine of choice for almost all of us. That means the results they present have to provide the answers, products, solutions and businesses that are the best at the things they do so that the searcher is happy with what they find. 

Over the years, Google has developed a very complex algorithm that determines which web results are the most relevant and highest quality for the keyword being searched. That means your website has to meet Google’s criteria for this in order to rank high up. Importantly, you also have to do it better than your competition for those keywords too.

Your website matters a lot

Your website needs to be in tip top shape in order to stand a chance of ranking well. Is it fast? Mobile friendly? Secure? Does it have useful, informative content? Does it answer people’s questions and offer great value to visitors? Are your visitors enjoying the website whilst they are on it? All of these things matter a lot.

There are also a whole load of technical things that matter too and if you don’t have these in place, it can scupper your chances of ranking. 

We’ll provide you with a search engine optimisation service that’s honest and focused on achieveable keywords. We’ll carry out all the neccessary research and analysis to produce a technical plan, a content plan and a link building plan. What’s link building you ask? It’s a way of showing google that your website is popular and takes a lot of time and effort to do properly. 

You need to target the right keywords

When we say the right keywords, we don’t just mean the most popular. If you sell shoes, it’s not going to be possible to get found for “Men’s brown shoes” that ship has sailed and the big brands are dominating the results. However, it might be possible to get found for “Handmade brown leather oxford style shoes” – it might not get as many hits, but it’s a much strong sign that the person searching is ready to buy if they find the right product. This is why proper research is important. We will research your business, find the right keywords and optimise for them. 

Let’s get the work done

 By working with us, you’re going to get expert research, honest and realistic expectations and a plan that includes technical changes, content production and link building recommendations. We work with small to medium businesses that don’t have in-house marketing teams, so we understand that the time you’ll have available to do any of that yourself is going to be limited.

Here’s an awkward thing; we can’t guarantee results. Yes, we want to charge you to do the work we think will generate you more traffic, and we’ve produced great results for many clients in the past, but there have been times where it’s not worked, the client didn’t get the enquiries they were hoping for, or Google didn’t rank their site as well as we were hoping. Why are we telling you this? Because it’s the reality of SEO and if anyone ever guarantees any results in SEO you should run a mile. One thing that will help you though; if we don’t think we can achieve it, we won’t do it. So if you are adamant that you want to target “Brown Shoes” as a keyword, we’re going to politely decline.

Dilly-Dally no longer!

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Questions, asked frequently.

How much does it cost to do SEO?

We wish we could put a £ sign in this answer and give you a clear price for the service. However, the cost varies significantly depending on the size of your website, your industry, what condition your website is in already and more. SEO is a significant investment with significant returns. The specific goal of this service is return on investment. You could spend a lot of money on SEO, but it will be worth it compared to the results it would generate.

How long does SEO take to work?

As a rule of thumb, we say be prepared to go six months without expecting results that generate a return on investment. If you aren’t willing or able to invest in that amount of time, then you’d be better of running some digital advertising campaigns like Google ads or Social Media ads. They still require a lot of skill and experience to do well, but you can start generating traffic instantly. These methods are often more expensive in the long run, and great organic rankings won’t cost you every time someone clicks on your website. 

What is link building?

Link building is a term used for generating links from other websites that point to your website. It’s used as a guide for Google to determine how popular your website is. The concept is that if someone chooses to place a link to a page on their website, then they are essentially saying to their visitors that your page is a good one, worth visiting and reading. This tells Google that your page has some value. If you get a link from a very popular and trustworthy site, it counts for more, if you get a link from a less popular site, it might not have as big an effect. Link building can also be done very poorly, and end up causing worse results than doing nothing. It’s not something we do a huge amount of, because it’s very time consuming. We prefer working with businesses that have more niche services and which means you can rank a little bit easier without the need for lots and lots of great links. 

How do I know how much traffic I am getting already?

The most popular tool to understand how much traffic you are getting and what that traffic is doing once on your website is Google Analytics. It’s a very powerful tool that provides huge amounts of data all about what your visitors are up to when on your website. It’s also how we will measure the increase in traffic from Google to demonstrate the success of our work. 

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